KallistoArt started in 2006 as the brain child of two college buddies. Each founder brought a different set of skills to the table, which helped KallistoArt to grow to be an international brand. We are proud to have helped clients in the USA, Canada and Australia over the years. Our experience working with clients in multiple industries makes us a content agnostic and an industry agnostic outfit. KallisotoArt is comprised with a set of bright individuals and cross functional teams to meet client needs in the best case scenario. We offer the close relationship experience to our clients, which makes working with KallistoArt an investment in your business you will truly enjoy!


We love coffee shops! Meeting clients at coffee shops is a bliss we adore. This practice helps the clients to spend quality time with us and we provide a candid environment where ideas freely flourish. When we start working with a client we start by figuring out the most profitable position for the business. Then we reverse-engineer a branding solution, which fits above and beyond with those parameters. During our keen investigative process, if we find ways of making business processes better, we will educate our clients on business process optimization and how to minimize their spending on branding solutions while maximizing the intended results.

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